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Your Wortley Commercial Folder contains a broad selection of commercial fabrics and vinyls suitable for commercial upholstery, screens and drapery applications.

Please find below links to each sample card as a pdf, as well as various test results.

Also please refer to our new Digital Sample Library to view and download digital catalogues of our products, including indent collections.

*PLEASE NOTE: This page is updated regularly with info for our new releases. If you are unable to find a specific PDF, please contact us for assistance!*


View the Access Collection

View the Access Digital Catalogue

Access Specifications PDF

Access 1530.3 Test Certificate


View the Aspen Collection

View the Aspen Digital Catalogue

Aspen Specifications PDF

Access 1530.3 Test Certificate

Ava Drapery

View the Ava Collection

Ava Specifications PDF

View the Ava Digital Catalogue


View the Axel Collection

View the Axel Digital Catalogue

Axel Specifications PDF

Belgrave & Conrad

View the Belgrave & Conrad Collection

View the Belgrave & Conrad Digital Catalogue

Belgrave Specifications PDF

Conrad Specifications PDF

Barrier Plus Stocked Program

View the Barrier Plus Stocked Program

View the Barrier Plus Stock Program Digital Catalogue

Blockade Specifications PDF

Defender Specifications PDF

Fortress Specifications PDF

Guardian Specifications PDF

Palisade Specifications PDF

Bliss & Celino

View the Bliss and Celino Collection

View the Bliss and Celino Digital Catalogue

Bliss Specification PDF

Celino Specification PDF


View the Celestial Collection

Celestial Specification PDF

Celestial Sample Card PDF


View the Chain Collection

Chain Specification PDF

Chain Sample Card PDF


View the Cocoon Collection

Cocoon Specification PDF

View the Cocoon Digital Catalogue


View the Comet Collection

Comet Specification PDF

Comet Sample Card PDF


View the Cuba Collection

View the Cuba Digital Catalogue

Cuba Specification PDF


View the Domo Collection

Domo Specification PDF


View the Drift Collection

View the Drift Digital Catalogue

Drift Specification PDF

Drift 1530.3 Test Certificate


View the Empire Leather Collection

Empire Specifications PDF


View the Everest Collection 

View the Everest Digital Catalogue

Everest Specifications PDF


View Glamour Collection

View the Glamour Digital Catalogue

Glamour Specifications PDF 

Glamour AS1530.3 Certificate

Indus & Honeycomb

View Indus & Honeycomb Collection

View the Indus & Honeycomb Digital Catalogue

Indus & Honeycomb Specifications PDF


View the Jasper Collection

View the Jasper Digital Catalogue

Jasper Specifications PDF


View the Lexington Collection

View the Lexington Digital Catalogue

Lexington Specifications PDF


View the Maison Collection

Maison Specifications PDF

Mona & Indulge

View the Mona & Indulge Collection

Mona Specifications PDF

Indulge Specifications PDF

Neutral Weaves

View the Neutral Weaves Collection

Argo Specifications PDF

Indulge Specifications PDF

Tekno Specifications PDF

Tekno 1530.3 Test


View the Nico Collection

View the Nico Digital Catalogue

Nico Specifications PDF


View the Orlando Collection

View the Orlando Digital Collection

Orlando Specifications PDF


View the Paperbark Collection

Paperbark Specs PDF

Paperbark Sample Card PDF


View the Paringa Collection

View the Paringa Digital Catalogue

Paringa Specifications PDF


View the Polo Collection

View the Polo Digital Catalogue

Polo Specifications PDF

Principal Plus

View the Principal Plus Collection

Principal Plus Specifications PDF


View the Provence Collection

View the Provence Digital Catalogue

Provence Specifications PDF

Provence AS1530.3 Certificate


View the Puccini Collection

View the Puccini Digital Catalogue

Puccini Specifications PDF


View the Senso Collection

View the Senso Digital Catalogue

Senso Specifications PDF

St Tropez

View the St Tropez Collection

View the St Tropez Digital Collection

St Tropez Specifications PDF


View the Twist Collection

Twist Specs PDF

Twist Sample Card PDF

Tennant Plus the Tennant Plus Collection

Tennant Plus Specifications PDF

Wortley Fabric Protection

Wortley Fabric Protection Info



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